Dent king with Scratch Remover

Rs. 1,990 Rs. 3,999

The Dent King is an amazing dent removing technique and use for small and medium sized dents and dings. Through removing all the dents, the product helps in maintaining the newness of the vehicle forever. It is the superb.  It is amazingly useful product and removes dents from hails, car doors and more, without causing harm to the surface of the car. The product is invented by qualified professionals and auto-body experts.

Dent King Features:

  • It is easy process, fast and economical too.
  • You can yourself repair the ugly and bad looking dents and dings.
  • You can use it at home without opting for other professional ways of removing dents.
  • Dent King Remove dent from doors, fenders, hoods and trunk lids with an extreme ease.
  • Removes dent without harming the already painted surface.

Dent King removes the dent within the 3 simple steps:

  • It is Easy to use.
  • Buy pop a dent (Dent King) & get 2 fix it pro pen absolutely free.Just glue a dent pulling tab to the center of the dent.
  • Place pulling bridge over dent pulling tab. Twist turning knob over dent pulling tab and twist until it pops.

Simoniz Fix It Pro Clear Coat Scratch Repair Filler and Sealer is an amazing tool that can save you hundreds of Rupes in scratch repair bills.It fills the protective surface above the paint that gets scratched off when you ding or nick your car. This filling then dries in the sun and makes the scratch seem to magically disappear.

Fix It Pro Features:

  •     The pen is non-toxic, permanent, water resistant and odourless
  •     Save money on costly scratch repairs!
  •     Resin liquid contains UV hardeners that let the sun finish the job for you
  •     100% safe to use - won't damage paint
  •     Fixes any kind of light scratch on cars, vans, caravans, boats etc. - any kind of vehicle with a coat of paint!
  •     Clear, so can be applied to any colour finish
  •     Simply wipe the pen tip over the scratch and watch it disappear!
  •     Coating hardens in sunlight and becomes permanent

Pops-A-Dent Repair Kit contains:

  • 2 Dent Pullers And Bridge
  • Tap-Down Tool
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 3 Bonding Sticks
  • Ding King Solution
  • Scraper
  • Wing Nut
  • Full operating instructions

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