Home Kitchen King Electric Pan

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Electric pan kitchen king is the latest German invention that provides an ease of cooking food. It takes less time and uses less fuel/LPG. It is easy to cook food in the pan. It is much better than other bulkier kitchen appliances.

Kitchen King Electric Pan Features:

  • It has a temperature control system that can be set between 90-240 degrees.
  • The inner side of the pan is non-stick coated and it also has a detachable power cord.
  • The electric pan is highly durable and reliable product.
  • It can be used for making all types of your favorite dishes, routine dishes and many more dishes in less time and without using LPG fuel.
  • It is made up of premium grade quality raw material and is one of the best things to have.
  • It is a multifunctional electric pan and is used to cook food easily.
  • It serves an amazing way of cooking food with no burn, no smoke, no shock and no sweat qualities.
  • It is one of the human friendly ways of cooking your favorite dishes in the kitchen.
  • Cooking food in Home Kitchen King Electric pan is safe convenient and cheaper.
  • It is easier to fry, stew or roast-dishes in Kitchen King pan.
  • It has a glass lid that saves a lot of energy and it is easy to clean too.

Kitchen king Product Details:

  • Rating ac 230v 1- 1200 (12 amp)
  • Actual temperature and power level
  • German non stick top
  • Codeless wire
  • Overheat and over voltage protection
  • Automatically controlled by separate key
  • Keep warm function
  • 5 adjustable temperatures: 90- 230
  • Wattage: 1200w power: 110v/220 - 240v, 50hz-60hz
  • Provided heat sink to make the product cool and help in doing all function properly.

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