SmartSee Anycast HDMI Wireless Display Adapter WiFi 1080P Mobile Screen Mirroring Receiver Dongle

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Product Description

anycast screen mirroring adapter

Anycast dongle - Turn your HDTV into a smart TV with SmartSee Wireless display adapter.

What is an HDMI Wireless Display Adapter?

An HDMI Wireless Display Adapter is to cast what you see on your mobile device(smartphone/tablet) to another big screen(TV/monitor/projector).

Do I need this item?

Yes, everywhere.

At home: you can mirror your phone/tablet to your TV, no need to stare at the phone alone, watch TV together and free your hands.

At hotel: Setting the TV or TV box is a little troublesome? Just mirror your mobile device to TV or projector by using this item.

In a meeting room: No need other cables, just connect this item to mirror your tablet pc on your projector wirelessly.

In a classroom: Share your content of courses on big screen wirelessly.

Connection Anycast Dongle on iOS Devices

ios setup

Setup on your iPhone/iPad/Mac

Step 1. Connect AnyCast SSID in WiFi Setting on your iPhone/ iPad/ Mac

Step 2. Go to Safari and input to come to the setting menu

Note: In setting menu, you can connect your home wifi here by clicking "Internet" and Choosing your home Wifi to connect. Once connected, no need to reconnect again. Also, language , Anycast password, and Resolution can be changed by yourself in setting page.

Step 3. Pull up the Control Center on iPhone and go to Airplay mirroring, and select AnyCast dongle to start to mirror.

Connection Anycast Dongle on Android Devices

Android connection

Setup on your Android device

Step 1. Press the button on the dongle to switch to Android mode

Step 2. Find Miracast(wireless display/smartview/play to etc) on your Android device, and pair with Anycast to start mirror.

Note: if you are not sure about Miracast, you can download our EZMira app to pair with Anycast dongle to mirror directly.

To access the setting menu of Anycast dongle:

1. Connect AnyCast in WiFi Setting on your device

2. Go to a browser and input on the very top searching bar to come to the setting menu, you can set all setting of Anycast here.

wide usge of anycast

Note: Not compatible with the apps that have protocol protection, such as Netflix/ Amazon Video/ HBO go/ Hulu Plus sky go/DIRECTV etc

Wide Usage:

Watch with colleagues in meeting-Mirroring screen to projector, share PPT, mail, documents and other content wirelessly.

Watch with students in classroom-Mirroring screen to big screen, share teaching content wirelessly.

Watch with your family at home-Mirroring screen to TV, share photos, videos, movies wirelessly. Carry it while travelling, share your phone to TV anytime.

Return Notes:


  • Returns can be made unconditionally within 30 days.


When returning the goods, please return all the product accessories to the original packaging box, so as not to affect the second sale.


  • Rather than returning the product, you prefer to figure out the proper usage?


Get in touch with the SmartSee TEAM.

SmarSee Wirelss Display Adapter is a technical product, it widely supports iOS, Android, Windows devices. Yet iOS, Android, Windows use different wireless protocol, and different protocol results in different connection, namely, connections are different on different devices.

We understand there are thousands different devices, no matter what device you use, only correct connection can reach the point. So once you are not sure about the connection, please check the User Manual. If the User Manual not indicates the connection of your device, please get in touch with SmartSee Team directly, we will tell the exact connection according to your device.

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